USA Channel 22

USA Channel 22 is a small community of gamers and tech enthusiasts with over 20 members.
→ Want to talk to us? Join our TeamSpeak server: teamspeak.usachannel22.com
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→ Looking for more? Check out our Servers page where we host many game servers, and our YouTube channel.
Our pledge: YO... I pledge allizzle, to da dizzle, of da chan uh da clan. Fo my nizzle, when he be sizzle, my dizz wizzy has been dough dizzle voop von jiggly dingus P whan hizzle, fo my shiznit.... and fo da foo.
We're a bunch of hoo dabs and hoo blah blahs is be dinging up bin dissle! Would you like to fight about it?
For all inquiries, call us: +1 (218) 666 8156, or email us: [email protected].
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