GPS Device Setup Instructions

If you are a member of USA Channel 22 and would like to have your device added to the GPS Server, please follow the instructions below. If you have questions, ask stere0123.
  • 1. Download the app

    Download "Traccar Client" (white/green circle icon) in the app store on Android or iPhone, then open it.
  • 2. Open the app and configure it

    Once the app is installed, open it and change the settings according to the following images.
  • 3. Give stere0123 your Device Identifier (if you haven't already)

  • 4. Toggle tracking on/off as you please

  • 5. Set Server URL to:

  • 6. Set Location accuracy to High or Medium

    On Android: Battery life can be improved by using medium accuracy.
    On iPhone: Battery life can be greatly improved by using medium accuracy.
    Note: Medium accuracy will result in occasional teleporting!

  • 7. Set your preferred Location Update Frequency

    On Android: Battery life can be improved by sending points less often.
    On iPhone: Battery life is not affected by frequency.

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